A poorly functioning garage door is not just inconvenient; it can also be quite dangerous.

A broken garage door can not only cause damage to your car, but it can also severely injure a person.

This is why it is important to inspect your garage doors from top to bottom in order to perform garage door maintenance.

These simple fix and repair tasks can actually keep your family safe. Getting ahead of these simple issues can help you understand how to care for your garage doors.

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When you perform these garage door maintenance tasks you can be secure in knowing that you will have a well functioning garage door and are extending the life of your door.


Here are some of the most common garage door issues that are worth checking now.

  • Broken Torsion Springs Garage Door SpringIf your garage door is uneven, jammed or straining to open, it could signify that a torsion spring is broken and needs to be replaced. Simple wear-and-tear is the main reason for torsion spring failure. Learn more


  • Worn Out Torsion Springs – Not only can run-down extension springs lead to squeaking but in the most dangerous cases, they cause the door to fall down upon release. It’s best to let the pros handle this one!


  • Dry/Squeaky Rollers & Hinges – If your garage door is sticking or making noise as it tries to open or close, the rollers and hinges may need to be lubricated so they run smoothly again.


  • Snapped Cables A broken cable can prevent one side of your garage door from lifting, or lock you in or out of your home entirely if neither side will move. Luckily, cables are easily replaced by a professional. Learn more


  • Dirty or Misaligned Sensors – This is usually the explanation for a door that reversesGarage Door Opener before it hits the floor or that stops in the middle of operations. Sensors may need to be cleaned, adjusted, or replaced if broken.


  • Broken Garage Door Opener – Unfortunately, these appliances don’t last forever. Most garage doors open 1,500 times a year and most garage door openers can withstand about 10,000 operations before malfunctioning. Only 40% of garage door openers were found to be working properly when tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Learn more


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  • Damaged Garage Door – While many garage door problems are mechanical,Garage Door Roller¬†sometimes the door itself can fall victim to weather, vehicles, or gradual wear-and-tear. Depending on the extent of the damage, single panels or entire doors can be repaired or replaced. Did you know that investing in a high-quality garage door can increase your home’s value by up to 4%?


  • Roller Replacement – Rollers can become bent or broken, resulting in the malfunctioning of your garage door Replacing worn roller and worn or bent hinges will provide a smoother and perhaps quieter operation to your door. Learn more


  • Bent Track Garage Door Maintenance SpecialYour garage door’s tracks play an essential role in helping it open and close smoothly. if one of these tracks becomes bent or out of alignment, the problem needs to be addressed before any further damage is caused to the door. Learn more


  • Weather Seal Replacement – The weather seal keeps the cold weather, rain, and snow out, in addition to preventing many insects and other pests from making your garage their home. These can become eroded and damaged over time, and often need replacing in homes with harsher weather conditions.


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