Garage Door Cable Drum Replacement

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Cable Drum Replacement

A broken garage door cable drum can cause a slew of issues with your garage door mobility. For one, broken garage door cable drums can prevent your garage door from moving up or down. The cable drum is what your garage door cables are wrapped around. The cables, in combination with the pulley or chain of your garage door opener, are what allow your garage door to move upward or down.

In addition, garage door cable drums keep the door balanced. If the garage door cable drums are warped or broken, it can cause unnecessary tension and the cables and torsion springs. This can eventually cause dangerous issues such as snapping cables and springs, which may cause damage to you or your property. This can also cause your garage door to slam and fall unexpectedly, which is very dangerous.

Additionally, if cables are wound incorrectly around the cable drum, the garage will not open properly. The garage door cable drums need to have equal tension on both sides to allow the garage door to open evenly and smoothly. Because the garage door drums work as an integral part of the garage door system, they need to be replaced immediately if they are broken.

Similarly to other garage door repair jobs, this one is best left to professionals. At Green T Garage Doors, our certified technicians can repair broken garage door cable drums quickly, effectively and safely. Our technicians will replace, install, balance, adjust, and lubricate your garage door cable drum for seamless garage door movement. After your broken garage door cable drum is replaced, our experts will adjust the tension to ensure equal distribution of pressure. Your garage door will run seamlessly after our technicians repair your broken garage door cable drum.

You can count on Green T Garage Doors to replace your garage door cable drum with ease. Call today for a free repair quote.

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