Garage Door Maintenance Program

Minimize the risk of replacing your garage door.
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Garage Door Maintenance Program

The garage door is the largest moving object in most households. You probably use your garage door daily. As you can imagine, the wear and tear on such a large, heavy object is an unavoidable process. The average garage door has a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles, but it varies depending on usage and weather elements. Do you remember the last time your garage door was serviced? Has it ever been serviced?

Don’t wait until your garage door needs to be replaced to take care of it. You can extend the life of your current garage door by following a maintenance program. Although you could do this yourself, it can be a time consuming process. Additionally, you may not have the garage door system knowledge required to expertly service your own door.

Instead, maintain your garage door’s lifespan with Green T’s garage door maintenance program. Our experts are certified with knowledge of all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers. These technicians will service your garage quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Quality replacement garage doors may cost upwards of $2000. For a much lower, manageable fee, Green T Garage Doors will service your garage door. This process includes lubricating moving parts, adjusting springs, tightening hardware, inspecting rollers, cable testing, and safety feature testing, when applicable. Our experts can recommend future services and diagnose any existing problems upon a service visit. The maintenance program can minimize the risk of replacing your garage door from an unexpected emergency. In addition, it keeps your garage door system in optimal working condition.

You could save over $2000 in replacement door costs by simply having your garage door serviced. Save yourself the headache of a garage door emergency, replacing your door, or maintaining your garage door system yourself. Call Green T Garage Doors today to discuss the ideal maintenance plan for your garage door.

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