In this post, we’ll talk about a few tips you can use to maintain and extend the life of your garage door. 

Garage doors may be the most overlooked part of home maintenance.

When a garage door is well maintained it offers comfort and security but if it is neglected it can become noisy but also pose a significant safety risk to your family, especially your kids.

Here are a few simple things you should do every year to keep your garage door working properly.

Inspect the HardwareGarage Door Maintenance

Because your garage door constantly moves, over time the hardware can loosen. Tighten up any bolts that hold the rails as well as the bolts on the support brackets.

The rollers, whether steel or nylon, need to be inspected twice a year and replaced every seven years or so. Worn, chipped or cracked rollers should be replaced as soon as possible.

Replace the weather seal on the bottom of your door if it’s brittle and worn.

Check the lift cable for wear and tear. Check for broken strands and damage near the bottom roller bracket. Never try to replace the high-tension cables that lift your door by yourself because they are able to harm or even kill. Call a garage door professional, such as Green T Services, to replace it.

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Keeping your garage door parts greased and lubricated will add years to your system. Use white lithium grease on the opener’s chain or screw to make the opener’s operation smoother, quieter and extend the life of both chain and opener.

Test for Safety

Test the auto reverse function of your door. In order to test this feature, place a piece of wood or a brick on the ground in the path of the door. When the door comes down and touches that object, within 1-2 seconds it should reverse direction and go back up again.

Check the balance of your garage door. A properly balanced door will hold the halfway open position without assistance. If the door goes back up, the springs are under too much tension. If it falls down, the tension needs to be increased.

Adjusting the spring tension is tricky and dangerous. Call Green T Services or a professional and have garage door experts to perform the service!

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Garage Door ReplacementWould you like an experienced professional to inspect your garage door?

Green T can inspect your garage door and perform routine maintenance and any necessary garage door repairs.

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