Garage Door Opener Repair

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Garage Door Opener Repair

The need for garage door opener repair is very common. There is potential for many small problems to happen with a technical piece of equipment. Because of this, our certified technicians are trained to repair any make or model garage door opener. At Green T Garage Doors, we can repair or replace and install your garage door opener, no problem.

A garage door opener is a small, motorized piece of equipment that opens and closes your garage door. A controller that is installed to your garage wall and/or a mobile controller are used to activate your garage door opener. When your garage door opener is broken there are a variety of problems that may need to be addressed.

One simple fix may occur if your disconnect switch is enabled. This switch allows you garage to be opened manually in case you lose power to your garage door opener. You’ll know if this is your garage door opener issue because you’ll hear the motor working but the door will not open. Simply, disconnecting this switch may solve your garage door opener problems.

Another potential problem lies within the transmitter signal. If your garage door opener controller’s batteries have died, you may have an easy fix. However, you may have more complicated transmitter issues that require resetting the frequency. The process for this varies by garage door opener model. Luckily, our staff can help you with this issue, easily.

When our expert arrives to repair your broken garage door opener, he will assess the situation and diagnose the specific problem. He may need to remove and repair or replace the circuit board, adjust the transmitter settings, align or replace sensors, replace the trolley carriage, or replace the main gear drive. In addition, he will check the chain tension and adjust the door travel if needed.

You can count on Green T Garage Doors to repair your garage door opener with ease. Call today for a free repair quote.

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