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Door Panel Replacement

Do you need a garage door panel replacement? It is possible to replace the damaged section of your garage door, instead of the entire door. This is, of course, dependent on the type of damage. Although you may be able to do this replacement yourself, we recommend calling in the experts to work on your garage door panel. Garage doors are heavy and part of a pulley system that can be very dangerous to work on. Call our experts at Green T Garage Doors to help you with your garage door replacement panel.

Your garage door panel may have damage from weather, kids, pets, and other household elements. This wear and tear is common and can be a simple panel replacement fix. However, the cost to replace 2 or more panels nears the cost of a new door. If you have many areas of damage, it may be more ideal to replace your entire garage door. This may also be the case if your door is very old and there are no replacement panels available for your garage door model. Our experts can also help you select, order, and install a new garage door, if needed.

However, if your garage door panel has warped or dented over time, it may be a sign that there is a more serious structural or mechanical issue damaging the garage door panel. In this case, it is important to have a professional examine your garage door to assess the root cause of panel damage. This could occur from alignment issue, which would mean the damage or warping would come back again, even after a replacement garage door panel is installed.

Green T Garage Door experts are very thorough and will replace your garage door panel, plus assess any additional potential damaging factors in your garage door system. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your garage door repair and have no future problems for years to come.

You can count on Green T Garage Doors to replace your garage door panel with ease. Call today for a free repair quote.

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