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Roller Replacement

Garage door roller replacement is a very common problem when your garage door simply is not functioning properly. Worn, bent, cracked, or broken garage door rollers can cause your garage door to be noisy while moving. In addition, broken garage door rollers can cause your garage door to slam open or become jammed while moving. Some of the garage door rollers on your door can be replaced without professional help and others are under too much pressure to be safely replaced at home. Green T Garage Doors’ certified technicians are trained to replace garage door rollers, on any style garage.

There are hinges and rollers in several places on your garage door. Some types of rollers have unsealed bearings, which means they are more susceptible to damage from regular use over the years. If you have severe damage, your garage door rollers will actually wobble as the garage door moves. Though steel rollers are less expensive than nylon rollers, the nylon garage door rollers will last much longer. In addition, nylon rollers are less noisy.

At Green T Garage Doors, our experts can find the best type of garage door roller replacement for your door. There are a variety of sizes and materials to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. We select the best type of replacement garage door rollers depending on your garage door weight, material, age, and your budget.

After we install and replace your old, damaged garage door rollers, we lubricate the new ones with a special solution. This lubricant is specially formulated to guide moving parts seamlessly, and repels dust and debris. If you attempt to oil up the rollers with traditional grease, it will actually attract dust and eventually clog the rollers and track.

You can count on Green T Garage Doors to replace your garage door roller with ease. Call today for a free repair quote.

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