Garage Door Selection

We can assist in garage door selection.


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Garage Door Selection

We can assist in garage door selection, offering the best recommendation based on your individual needs, budget, and style.

There is a wide array of garage door options available, which can cause decision-making to be difficult. Options are nearly limitless from choices of materials, to operations style, and even customization.

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Garage Door Styles & Materials

New Garage Door Selection & InstallationGarage doors come in a variety of styles, such as types with windows or without. Window styles range from square shaped to arched, and many options between.

In addition, the selection of decorative styles for garage doors ranges from contemporary to modern, traditional, and rustic.

The most common type of garage door has horizontal sectional panels and is fitted on rollers. However, there are plenty of other creative, cost-efficient, and/or custom options available. Garage doors can slide upwards, fold, roll, and even open carriage style.

Additionally, garage doors can open manually or with a motorized garage door opener. From there, the pulley method can be driven by a chain, belt, or screw. Aside from the mechanics of your garage door, there are even more options when it comes to the cosmetic style of a garage door.

Garage doors can be made of the following materials:

aluminum garage doorSteel
Steel garage doors are more durable than other materials, require little maintenance, and have a relatively long lifespan. They also come in varying thicknesses and levels of insulation. Thicker, stronger types will be more energy efficient, though they are more costly.

Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, will not rust, and are eco-friendly. Their light quality makes them an easy to install door option. Additionally, their lightweight nature causes less stress on the mechanics of the door, meaning a longer lifespan. Their primary disadvantage lies in their durability, as they are more prone to denting.

wood garage doorWood
Wood garage doors offer a great option with plenty of customization. Options range in color, the thickness of wood, pattern, decorative finishes, and type of wood. A wood garage door offers a beautiful, unique appeal to your home and garage’s exterior.

Vinyl garage doors are affordable, durable, low maintenance, and weather resistant. Vinyl has several routes for exterior customization to give you plenty of style possibilities. However, vinyl garage doors cannot be painted over since their color is in the resin that forms the door.

barn style garage doorsFiberglass
Fiberglass garage doors are steel doors sealed with a fiberglass coating. Fiberglass doors are insulated, noise inhibiting, and visually appealing. They are a great energy saving alternative and look beautiful in modern homes.

Composite wood garage doors are eco-friendly, low maintenance, and easily customized. Composite wood is recycled wood, plus they are insulated which makes them especially energy efficient.

Each of these garage door styles and options has benefits and drawbacks. Our experts would be happy to explain the differences in depth to help narrow your selection process.

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