Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Broken Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement is a common fix for immovable garage doors. The standard garage door has a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles. Your garage door runs through 1,500 cycles per year, on average. Garage door springs, on the other hand, have a shorter lifespan. Ideally, they would last 10,000 cycles as well, but due to environmental elements and improper maintenance, they wear out sooner.

Garage door springs can fall victim to rust. The rust builds up on the springs and creates a rough, uneven surface. This causes the friction to increase and intensify corrosion of the garage door springs. To prevent rust, Green T Garage Doors’ technicians use a special lubricant several times a year. We use a lubricant that does not attract dust and debris, to keep the springs from becoming clogged.

Another reason garage door springs wear out more quickly is because some garage doors only have one torsion spring, as opposed to two. One extra long torsion spring may hold up fine for a very lightweight or small door. Ideally, two shorter, stronger torsion springs should be used to distribute the weight more evenly. Single springs have a much shorter lifespan and cause more damage when they fail.

Garage door spring replacement is a project best left for the professionals. Because garage door springs are under great pressure, operating without proper knowledge and tools could cause damage to your property or yourself. Green T Garage Doors’ certified technicians can safely service, adjust, and replace garage door springs on all types of garage doors. The technicians finish up any spring replacement job by lubricating the garage door springs to keep them in great working condition.

You can count on Green T Garage Doors to replace your garage door springs with ease. Call today for a free repair quote.

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