Garage Door Track Replacement

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Track Replacement

A surefire way to decrease your garage door lifespan and cause unnecessary damage and noise is through a faulty garage door track. If your garage door track is bent, broken, misaligned, or jammed your door may not open at all. Ignoring the problem can cause more damage to your garage door, so you should have your garage door track repaired immediately. Our technicians will ensure your garage door tracks are clear, symmetrical, and run effortlessly. In addition, they can replace old tracks with new garage door tracks.

If you need a new garage door installed, be sure to have new tracks installed as well. There are several dangers to using old tracks with a new door. For one thing, each garage door has its own specific alignment that matches up to its own garage door tracks. If the garage door is not matched with the proper tracks, it will become jammed and prevented from moving. If this happens, the garage door may continue to attempt opening and closing and can potentially come off the tracks. This can cause a slew of other dangerous problems from cables snapping to the garage door slamming down and injuring someone or something.

Perhaps your garage door tracks are misaligned, bent, or clogged with debris. Green T Garage Doors can assist with any garage door track problem. Our experts will assess the current damage and repair or replace any track, springs, or screws necessary. In addition, we can clear the tracks of any debris that may prevent the garage door system from running smoothly. We also adjust and align tracks to make sure that the garage door is balanced, symmetrical, and functioning properly.

You can count on Green T Garage Doors to replace your garage door track with ease. Call today for a free repair quote.

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